Corporate Diplomacy in action

In general, corporate diplomacy is defined as the ability to advance corporate interests by creating alliances and reputation with external key figures including governments, analysts, media and non-governmental-organizations (NGOs) and thus to implement business objectives efficiently and successfully.

Relations with external key figures have to be personal relations. Corporate Diplomacy is the dialogue on the highest decision levels in the private sector, the public sector and civil society organizations. It conveys the methodology that empowers to make stakeholder collaboration work, face global challenges, and secure competitiveness while operating in a sustainable way.

"... .Corporate Diplomacy means winning the influence. It provides a framework for influencing key outside players in support of business strategy and influencing key opinion-makers ... " (Harvard Business Review).

Our services have their focus on the building and management of external stakeholders, especially in foreign markets. External key figures are key elements for a long-term success in foreign markets and they have an influence on the financial results.

At SES we advise our clients in the building and management of relationships to external stakeholders in order to deliver shareholder value.

Corporate Diplomacy creates real value.

The quality of the relations and the awareness of the cultural, political and economic environment build the fundament for sustainable success.

Through the integration of these principles, our clients will find a dedicated and unique service that in addition to this facilitates the direct access to the highest governmental and business levels as well.

At SES we believe in diplomacy and this results in the establishing of powerful partnerships.

Dedicated expertise

Communication on the highest political and economic levels in the leading and emerging markets worldwide
Strategic positioning and re-positioning
Establishing strategic partnerships to produce an important return on investment
Establishing and managing relations on the highest political, governmental and business levels

We discretely advice governments and governmental agencies and institutions in international relations.

At SES we facilitate access to the highest governmental and political levels, position interests, prepare negotiations and arrange personal meetings with key political and business figures.

SES’ security affairs experts guide clients through the complex political and security landscape of target markets.

More and more businesses today recognize that their success also depends on their ability to navigate through the evolving and complex security situations of today’s international business world. The design, facilitation, planning and implementation of international projects in foreign regions can be a daunting task for companies.

Our experience proves that dedicated facilitation and resolution of communicative, cultural and local inter-agency bureaucracy generated challenges can be critical to the success of international business and other operations.

This facilitation is made possible by experienced experts who are practiced in the ways of the local public, private and security establishments and mindset of the decision makers in key regions.

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