Leading through diplomacy

Diplomacy as the cornerstone for global business

We believe in diplomacy and are convinced that only through the establishment of fruitful, strategic co-operations between corporations – or governments – and the authorities, the media, analysts, organizations, and associations will the international presence remain successful.

We know that a successful story can change to dramatic challenges within a very short time frame. And especially in these challenging situations, a strong network of allied partners will be necessary to come over it and to achieve an even better position.

Doing business internationally means to know what is going on in the world, too. It means that different cultures, mentalities, and societies must be integrated into the strategies. And we believe that only a communication based on diplomacy will achieve a long-term strong position in the international environment.

SES – Strategic Expansion Solutions – designs expansion and market-positioning strategies that are based on diplomatic principles and on the creation of sustainable partnerships. We believe that Corporate Diplomacy is the tool for corporations, organizations and even governments, to increase its influence in the target region. Corporate Diplomacy, the tool to influence the influencers.

We believe in mutual respect and therefore all our strategies and activities are based on these principles. We believe in partnership and therefore we work hard to build for our clients a “strategic community”. And we believe in discretion. Partnerships grow faster and stronger in a quiet environment.

We have a unique global network with direct and personal access to global players, financial and economic leaders, but also to the highest political and governmental levels in various countries all over the world. Vision

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