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Experts in Corporate Diplomacy

Advisors in international relations

For more than 15 years SES – Strategic Expansion Solutions has advised its clients in international affairs and strategic alliances and has become the pioneer in Corporate Diplomacy.

At SES we advise and accompany corporations, governments, and organizations in order to advance interests by establishing points of interaction between the involved parties, building strategic alliances and reputation with external key figures including governments, analysts, media, and non-governmental-organizations and thus to implement business objectives efficiently and successfully.

We offer a 360° service, starting from intelligence services, levelling the information to form the strategy, executing the initiative and disseminating the results.

Our team is composed of former Advisors to the White House, Ministers of Foreign Affairs, Advisors to Governors, Key Executives of the United Nations, Diplomats and Chief Officers of multinational enterprises. We draw on their experience and their network.

SES is facilitating access, fostering relations and empowering positions world-wide.

  Global Corporate Diplomacy consulting firm